Amanda Marsh
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Genuine Juicery Brand Identity

Brand Identity, Digital


Genuine Juicery

Brand identity for a startup juicery

Approximately 4 weeks

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The Challenge

Genuine Juicery envisions to create an atmosphere for people to escape the hustle and take a moment to relax the mind by curling up in a hammock with a juice in one hand and a book in the other. The challenge was to create a unique brand identity that represents something organic and simple, yet unique and satisfying.


What I Did

  • Brand Identity

  • Logo Variations

  • Illustration

  • Painting

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Marking Materials

  • Promotional Materials

  • Merchandise Materials

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The Approach

The client asked me to create a logo that involved an organic texture. I started by creating the logo. With the idea of keeping things organic and minimalistic, I started by creating watercolor splotches and played around with different styles of type.

After presenting the different logo variations, the client chose their favorite option for the main logo and discussed using different watercolor splotches for the packaging of each flavor of juice.

I then decided to go through and edit the information provided by the client that would be used within my final presentation. Mock-ups were developed with the various watercolor marks to allow the client to have a better understanding of the potential packaging and new brand identity.

Final Outcome

The client is still working on getting funding, but all collateral is in place to move forward in the future.