Amanda Marsh
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Sustainable Donut Packaging Re-Design

Product Design, Packaging Design, Illustration, Digital


Sustainable Re-Design

Logo Design, Product Design, Package Design, Photography/ rendering

Approximately 3 weeks

donut front final1.jpg

The Challenge

I was tasked with the challenge of re-designing Fred Meyer’s donut packaging, which had to be eco friendly packaging.


What I Did

  • Product Design

  • Research

  • Logo Variations

  • Illustration

  • Packaging Design

The Approach

I examined the current packaging, then did research on sustainable, eco friendly solutions. I needed to first create the assets within Adobe Illustrator. I then decided to create the packaging in Cinema 4D. I was inspired by the design of a push pop, a popsicle that is pushed up as it is eaten. I also wanted to create a design that will allow the customer to reuse the packaging. After creating the final design, I set up the proper lighting, foreground and background within Cinema 4D to shoot the final packaging photos.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.17.14 PM.png

Final Outcome

donut front final1.jpg
donut back final0012.jpg