Amanda Marsh

Twist Paint

Product Design, Packaging Design, Digital


Twist Paint

Branding, Product Design, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Photography

Approximately 3 weeks

twist edit 2.jpg

The Challenge

I was tasked with creating a brand and name (TWIST) for a new art supply/ paint company with a minimum of 7 paint products from at least 3 different groups. The design had to market sophisticated, professional and untrained artists in the 20 -40 year old range. The core competition to consider was Krink, Montana and Molotow. The products to choose from were things such as; spray paint, markers and paint pens. The products must be high quality and in $8-14.00 price range. Packaging had to contain all the pertinent information such as bar codes and product information.


What I Did

  • Product Design

  • Research

  • Brand Identity

  • Logo Variations

  • Illustration

  • Packaging Design

  • Photography

twist label logos.jpg

My Approach

I began by researching the possible competitors. I noticed that the two competitors that appealed most to me were Krink and Montana, which both had a minimal yet sleek design. I knew I wanted to do something similar but a bit more intricate. I began to manipulate the type of the name TWIST to be in a twisted shape, which became redundant due to the fact that this needed to be a design that goes on products as small as markers, or I just wasn’t pleased with how the name looked from the rough design of things. I didn’t want to give up on the idea of playing with the type in the title. The decision was made on a design that would look good on packaging of all sizes. After deciding on the design of the brand name, I moved on to the other components of the packaging.

Final Outcome

twist edit 2.jpg
twist edit1.jpg